Review…. Sex in Suburbia

sex in surburbia

Claire Sweeney stars in and co-writes this new comedy about disastrous dating and trying to find Mr Right … [Continue reading]

FAUST by Gounod – Swansea City Opera – 10th Anniversary tour!


FAUST by Gounod - Swansea City Opera - 10th Anniversary tour! At the Buxton Opera House. One of the ladies must-see productions...... The Concept: Sung in English, this dark Gothic tale follows the fortunes of Faust, who weary of life, is contemplating suicide when he encounters Mephistopheles … [Continue reading]

An English Mayor’s Traditions

Mayor - by Paul Brooker

The English are well known for their fabulous eccentricities and slightly odd traditions, and that’s no exception when it comes to our Mayors. … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: British Philharmonic Concert Orchestra


Next time the British Philharmonic Concert Orchestra make their way to Buxton, or your neighbourhood go out of your way to enjoy this grassroots initiative. … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Madama Butterfly at the Buxton Opera House


Moving and magnificent. You will fall in love with the Butterfly. … [Continue reading]

Pretty Muddy at Clumber Park


When I was asked to do Pretty Muddy Race for Life I didn't think twice, a lovely lady I worked with had recently passed away from Cancer and any form of fundraising for such a worthy cause had to be done. What I didn't think about was how unfit I am, my training consisted of mostly eating but I … [Continue reading]

Ladies Take On….1980s Inspired Fondue Night!


We wouldn't say we are domestic goddesses (well, Lady Sky might say she is) but we are all willing to have a go and have a laugh! We attempted a feat our parents once indulged in regularly - Fondue Nights! We thought we would revive the fondue night and have a little experiment as to how we could … [Continue reading]

Ten Must-See Shows Coming to the Buxton Opera House


The Ladies are Taking On the infinite variety that the Buxton Opera House has to offer for shows/events. Between Lady Sky, Lady Wordsmith, Lady Metal and Lady Tiger Lilly we will be looking forward to and reviewing the following shows at the Buxton Opera House between now and June. These gems struck … [Continue reading]

Crispy Oat Biscuits, treat yourself…..


These simple yet scrumptious biscuits are sure to delight, quick and easy they hit the sweet spot. … [Continue reading]

NEWS of the Buxton Spa Prize 2015


The Ladies are culture mavens and we are looking forward to supporting the 2nd annual Buxton Spa Prize between now and its end in August. The Buxton Spa Prize was the brain child of Trevor Osborne last year to promote artists and artworks of Buxton and yesterday the second annual event was launched. … [Continue reading]